Peep into the future of Web Marketing

Business Growth and Benefits of Web Marketing OR Digital Marketing

Equal Opportunity – Digital Marketing gives equal opportunity to all, small businesses get better and equal to compete with big players.

Cost-Effective – It is cost-effective than the traditional ways of advertising or marketing.

Interaction with the target audience – Businesses interact with the target audience directly through social media.

Mobile-first approach – With the rapid increase of mobile users, the mobile-first approach helps digital marketers to reach out to more people than other ways of marketing.

Brand Reputation- And digital marketing creates a brand.


Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years” – Bill Gates

What’s next in Web Marketing

DM is Data-Driven

  • Funnels are dead. It is now the complex marketing ecosystem of earned & paid media.
  • Culture of the experiment- each channel is experimented to see the customer response before deciding to launch marketing in a particular channel, this reduces the chance of failure.
  • Social Engagement is the key – genuinely engage with your audience. Just blasting social media is not enough.
  • Marketing Budget – The cost of Digital Marketing will increase as more businesses embrace Digital Marketing.
  • Big data and Machine Learning –Big data and machine learning will help digital marketers immensely.
  • Automated data visualization will become rich and user-friendly.
  • Content analysis of text, pictures and videos will encourage better conversation with consumers.
  • Incremental machine learning will become important leading to real-time analysis.

Points to note

  • Nurturing a digital culture implies change, adaptation, experimentation and a keen eye for digital marketing skills.
  • Digital marketing provides an opportunity for businesses of any size to access the mass market and compete with established brands.
  • Find a sweet spot in the and aim to be a leader in one area rather than seeking to be a pro at everything.
  • Developing a breadth of understanding digital marketing and your depth of knowledge in it can help you succeed in the area of Digital Marketing.