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Before we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let’s see why it is so important. Let’s not forget that every single day millions of people search the internet to know about ‘something’ be it a product, service, how-to’s, where-to’s, best-of lists etc etc. The main goal of a search engine is to help searcher find the most relevant result of what he is searching for. When someone searches for something in the internet it indicates he might need that particular product or service. Now if the search engine like Google or Bing finds your website the most relevant for the given keyword, your website will be pulled up and show in the result pages. So it is important to make sure that search engines finds your website relevant for the business keywords.

For a given keyword or phrase a search engine throws number of pages. Now, any website needs to appear in the first page of the search result pages. How often do we go to 2nd or 3rd page when we are searching for something? Most of the times we stick to 1st page. Right?

So we see that it is important for the search engines to find your website most relevant for a keyword or phrase. Your website is not the only website that is relevant for a keyword, there are hundreds of them out there, so your website needs to compete with those to get picked by Google or Bing or Yandex. This is where you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO are bunch of good practices like website coding standards, rich unique content in the form of blog, easy navigation and much more , which will help your site to rank in the 1st page.

SEO is one of the key driving factor to drive more traffic to your website along with Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Our Iterative SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization-FAQs

SEO-Search Engine Optimization refers to all the techniques and good practices which helps the search engines to list your website when someone searches for a keyword or a phrase which is relevant to your product(s)/service(s). These techniques not only help search engines but also increases readability and enhances user experience.
Regardless now BIG or SMALL is your business if you want to have an online presence you should make your website SEO friendly.
SEO is not rocket science. If you just see it from outside it sounds like optimizing a website for search engines to find. But it is not that "simple" as it sounds. It needs a lot of research, planning, meticulous implementation and monitoring. And very importantly it is a continuous process. Agencies use tools at every stage of SEO process to optimize and re-optimize. Moreover, Agencies like ours have gained experience over time and knows where they can fail and where they can lead forward.
It depends on the keyword(s) for which SEO is being done. Competitive keywords take more time to rank than lesser competitive one's. Roughly it takes 6 months for getting stable ranking.
SEO is one of the most important aspect of Digital Marketing as it generates organic traffic to a website. And the leads that are coming through organic traffic are much more reliable and has a higher conversion rate than coming from paid marketing. However, SEO effort should be supplemented by Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.
We will not recommend that because there are dozens of other websites who are competing for the search engine result page position. When you stop SEO, after a few days your content will get out-dated. More relevant content for your business keyword will come-up and search engine will pick up those sites to show its user. So SEO is a continuous process.
Think SEO as a Systematic Investment Plan. Since SEO generates organic traffic and conversion rate for such leads are very high, so investing in SEO gives you higher ROI.

There are many aspects of Search Engine Optimization which needs to be taken into consideration while optimizing a website. Small things can give BIG results!

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