Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media Marketing in Bangalore


Social Media Marketing helps you understand your customer better. How? It allows you to connect, interact and share information about your services/products with your current customers or potential customers. Literally millions of people connect to social media every single day and talk about their likes-dislikes, pain areas, favourite product, favourite feature of a particular product, their hobbies-interests and so many other things. So social media is the best place where you can know your buyer personas.

It also helps you to build trust among existing and potential customers. How? Your potential customer can read reviews and comments posted by other customers. When your customer says great things about your products/services it holds more weitage than you promoting yourself. So social media gives you genuine credibality and builds trust.

Social Media helps you understand better which of your business strategy or your campaignes is doing better. How? Sometimes you might write a Blog on a topic related to your one of your  products/services very meticulously. However through social media you might realize that people liked your “How to use” video more than the blog. Going forward you can focus more on videos rather than lenghty bolgs. So basically through social media you can actually measure the pulse of your target audience.

So there are many many ways a professional Digital Marketing Agency can help you.

Sounds Good ! Go Social!

Create Social Media Marketing Strategy

Chat Bot

 Start using ChatBots. One of the best way to engage directly with a customer without human interference. Integrate your chatbot with social media campaigns. Consumers these days are comfortable with social media, engage them with your chatbot.

Engaging Content

Content is the King! High-quality SEO content helps to connect with the right customers at the right time. Good content can be in the form of video, blog, poster etc. Also, it is very important to create relevant hashtag strategy along with optimized and thorough content.

Relevant Channel

Today 3.48 billion people use social media, this is a 9% increase from last year. Your campaign doesn’t need to be successful if you float it in all social media channels. It is very important to choose the right media if you are selling gothic clothing in your Linkedin business page it might not attract the right audience.


Social Media Marketing-FAQs

Social Media Marketing is helpful for all size and all kind of Businesses. It helps you-
  1. Know your customer better
  2. Builds trust among your existing and potential customer
  3. It gives your business a wide exposure
  4. It reaches millions of people with  less cost
  5. This is the best way to connect and interact with your customer directly
Different channels are meant for different purposes. If you are engaging with only 1 or 2 of the social media channels, you might be at the risk of missing a segment of potential customers. It depends on your business domain. Based on your business line you can omit 1 or 2 of the channels.
Embedding Social Media feeds and profiles is always good to get connected with more n more people, especially for small business. You can also request other sites to display your SM feeds on their website.
Through Social Media Marketing you can publicise your products/services in various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.                    Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid adverts that run on search engine sites like Google Ads, Display Ads etc. Majority of the Social Media Channels have free subscription, so for Social Media Marketing(SMM) you don't need to spend, but for Search Engine Marketing(SEM) you need to pay Google or other search engines where you are running the Ads.
Social Media Marketing is not just posting your business updates in the various social media channels. A successful social media campaign needs up-to-date and focused attention on the content, frequency of posts and engaging with the audience of each forum. One CANNOT post the same content in all channels. Different channels are meant for different purposes. For example, you should go formal and detailed content when posting in LinkedIn and might go informal on Instagram. Twitter needs high frequency whereas LinkedIn can go a little slow. So there are many facets in SMM that needs to be taken care off, if you start doing these alone probably you will miss doing your core things. SMM needs planning and is time-consuming.

There are many aspects of Social Media Marketing which needs to be taken into consideration while designing the campaign plan. Small things can give BIG results!

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