Why is web application, a must in today's business?

Web applications have become an essential component of business in today’s world. By using web applications, businesses can now develop and become simpler and achieve its objectives much faster.
Today's web apps are expected to be available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and usable from virtually any device or screen size.
Web applications must be secure, flexible, and scalable to meet spikes in demand.
Web applications must be secure, flexible, and scalable to meet spikes in demand.

We offer solutions cutting across different business domains

Web Applications Across Various Business Domains

Our expert in-house team uses cutting edge technologies to build custom web applications that are stunning, robust, secure and scalable and we follow agile development methodology to ensure flexibility and faster delivery.

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Design An Intuitive Web Application

Plan Before Developing

Take time to plan. Break your app to a wireframe before development starts. Give priority to UX. Finalise the user flow. If required translate the entire app into wireframe and walkthrough with the customer.

Focus on target audience while designing

An app should always be designed keeping end users. Its not a good idea to tailor an app for all category of audience. The attempt my clutter the display and user experience can be bad. Make it suitable for the target audience. Give messages /alerts etc that the domain people understand.

Make the interface as simple as possible

Yes, the frontend should be simple and should look easy. Handle all complexities in the backend. For instance, all apps of Google looks extremely simple, they write complex algorithms to make things easier for end-users.

Do not introduce new UI pattern unless there is a specific use

Use patterns that are used by all apps. It takes users to learn your pattern and might be frustrating to get used to new UI. For example “RED” is used for an error message, changing it to some other colour to match your logo might not be a good idea!

Display data in a unique organized way

All apps need to display data to its users. Classify and organise data in such a way that it makes sense to end-users. A domain specialist works with developer so that end-user can interpret data in a better easy way.

Limit number of features

There is no end of feature requests. Many times too many features cause confusion and even reduces the speed of the application. It is required to strike a balance between features- user experience-performance. Try to avoid features which do not add value to the business.

Natural consistent flow

The interface should be consistent throughout the entire app. Involve end-users in the development process so that the end product is useful for them not just a technical wonder!

Provide unobstructed help

An app’s user interface should be so standardized and smooth flowing that the user should move around with the help. However, at few points provide them with little hand-holding by prompting unobstructed help.

At any point, the user should know where is he

Yes, Breadcrumbs are very important. Many times user drift away from what they actually intend to do in the web app. It helps a user to navigate back with breadcrumbs.