Top 5 Sectors Which Will Change In The Post Corona-Virus World

  • April 7, 2020
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A tiny virus has shaken the world. The world will never be the same after Wuhan-Corona pandemic. It has severely hit the aviation industry, caused a slowdown in pharmaceutical as imports are hit badly, it has seen a slowdown in the automobile industry, with the worldwide lockdown the hotel industry took a sharp deep, it goes on and on and on…

Mighty developed countries which boasted for their technological advancement are locked down and hiding from the might of this tiny virus. The impact of Wuhan-Corona-Virus (Covid-19) continues to flip the script on all facets of everyday life.

One thing is sure – like some events – the world wars, 9/11, 2008 financial crisis reshaped the World-Wuhan-Virus will also change society. How? We don’t know. Perhaps in the “Post Wuhan-Corona-Virus World” – Touching, hugging, handshaking become taboo? Or we change our food habits? Or we change our lifestyle? Whatever way it changes, one thing is certain every crisis opens many doors of opportunity and the human race is capable to harness these opportunities. All said and done, in the coming few months and years the world will be more digitized… “Go Digital” will be the mantra. 

Here are the 5 areas which will make a dramatic change in the post wuhan-corona-virus world.

Top 5 Sectors which will change Post Wuhan-Corona-Virus world


After this Wuhan-Corona-Virus pandemic, there will be enormous pressure on all countries across the globe to strengthen their Healthcare system. The most important thing that any healthcare system would need now, is an early warning system that can predict the spread of an epidemic in a geographical area at the level of building /street/locality much before the actual outbreak, is proposed by capturing collective intelligence from citizens about initial symptoms. The healthcare industry will move fast to develop and adopt technology which would predict an epidemic outbreak. Apart from epidemic prediction and control systems, this industry will evolve to replace institutionalized care and services with care at home. There will be a surge in demand for wearable and wireless health vital monitoring tools. Electrodes (such as electrocardiograms) and stethoscopes that require direct skin contact will be replaced by radio-frequency technologies to determine the heartbeat etc.  All healthcare service providers will go for digital solutions.


There will demand and need for Online Learning. IoT will help to create an environment among educators and students. Augmented Reality(AR) will help in the engagement and interaction of the students in the class. Artificial Intelligence will replace the old-fashioned classroom study with a more personalized and student-centred approach. Artificial intelligence can monitor overall performance by identifying the strength and weakness of a learner. It can rank learners based on their performance and give real-time suggestions to improve the overall performance of their studies.  Learning Management System (LMS) and School Management Systems will evolve and will be mandatory for all institutions. Virtual labs will give access to sophisticated scientific instruments.


More and more people will go digital. Even small businesses will embrace digital solutions by developing an e-commerce website, digital marketing, online payment modes etc.3D product imaging will evolve to improve the online shopping experience.  E-Commerce sites will adopt augmented reality (AR) apps to give real-life experience to its site visitors.

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is engaged in transporting and warehousing. Post-Wuhan-Corona world most people will try to work from a home brick and mortar offices and businesses will reduce. Logistic Industry will play a key role in the coming days for e-commerce and all other businesses. Logistic Industry will adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based solutions, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), Blockchain and Internet of Things(IoT). Sophisticated warehouse management tools and applications will emerge. For delivery Robots and Drones will be used.

Food & Beverage and Entertainment Industry

Post-Wuhan-Corona-Virus (Covid-19) will see a deep in the F&B mass entertainment industries immediately. However, with the help of modern technology, this industry will revive. With the advent of 3D printing, the F&B industry can adopt 3D Food printing kiosks for the section of the customer who would prefer to go for contactless cuisines. Apart from 3D printing, the industry will be using Robots and AI Apps to serve its customers. All such activities which involve large gathering, like movie halls, multiplexes, operas etc, will be avoided. More and more streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar will evolve with more innovative ways to entertain people at their comfort of home.


The current pandemic started in Wuhan City of China somewhere around November 2019. The number of infected people reached 1 million, after the Spanish Flu of 1918 which infected around 500 million people, Wuhan-Corona-Virus is the worst pandemic the world is seeing in this century. Among 1,329,305 cases detected in 182 countries, 73,831 people have died since the December outbreak.

China has recorded 81,708 cases, including 3,331 deaths. Italy, now one of the worst-hit countries have suffered 16,523 deaths out of 132,032 cases. The fury of this pandemic is bound to subside and the world will slowly limp back to normalcy. However things will not be the same as before, there will be a paradigm change in all sectors of business. Businesses will embrace more advanced and cutting-edge technology to create virtual teams, micro and small business will go digital. The medium and big businesses which have already invested huge money to capture the online market will be more aggressive to give their customer better online experience. The above sectors and many more will come up with products which will turn down the traditional way of practising them.

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